**Each book in this steamy, action-packed, romantic adventure series can be read as a standalone.
He stole from her before, but claims he’s changed…
Dylan Ford is a liar, a thief and a pirate. And, unfortunately, the only man who can help Hollis Quinn. Because she needs to salvage a shipwreck in deep water and only Dylan has the cutting-edge, specialized equipment to do that.
Hollis wants nothing to do with his equipment or his arrogant, crooked smile. He betrayed her once before and she’s reluctant to trust him again. But, when someone tries to kill her and steals her beloved father’s research, Hollis is forced to turn to Dylan.
As lines blur and truths are revealed, Hollis can’t decide whether she wants to punch Dylan or kiss him. Adventure and intrigue draw them closer and, as they work together to find the priceless cargo, one thing is clear: Dylan Ford isn’t the same person he used to be.
But, can Hollis ever fully trust him?​​​​​​​

He needs the gorgeous researcher’s help, but vows to keep things professional…
Former pro-racer Chase Ford used to live life in the fast-lane. But, after a fiery wreck nearly ended his life, he retired early. Two years later, with a nearly-empty bank account, he bets the last of his savings in a high-stakes poker game and wins. And, part of the pot is a mysterious piece of sheet music with German phrases and symbols.
When Chase winds up at the local university, looking for someone to decipher the code, he meets Everly LeBlanc. She offers to help and her research leads to a startling revelation—the 80-year old sheet music contains clues that lead to the “Tears of the Wolf,” Hitler’s long-lost, personal cache of diamonds.
Suddenly, Chase and Everly find themselves in Germany where they must race to find the cursed diamonds before a group of antiquities thieves and the original owner of the map beat them to it. But, more dangerous than the bad guys is the instant attraction that sparks between them. One that flares hot and bright, but one that they fear may burn out and leave them both singed.
Is crossing that line worth the risk to their hearts?​​​​​​​

He knows she’s in trouble and he promises to protect her…
Ash Hudson, retired boxer and former special ops Ranger, knows a bad guy when he sees one. And, when he sees two bad guys chasing a blonde bombshell through his friend’s jazz club on Mardi Gras, the protector in him decides to help her.
Archeologist Haven Young is suddenly in over her head when two men appear on her doorstep looking for her father’s journal. A journal that chronicles over 20 years of clues to a long-lost treasure hidden by a French pirate, better known as The Buzzard.
When Ash offers to help Haven find her kidnapped father and serve as her protection, she barely knows him. But, something about the rugged stranger inspires trust and, together, they travel to the far-flung Indian Ocean to search for her father and a treasure worth nearly a billion dollars.
Neither believes in soulmates, but they can’t help but wonder—is their instant connection merely lust or something much deeper?

She would rather owe the devil than Bishop Lennox…
Riley Ford can’t stand the loud, arrogant, millionaire playboy, but she needs a favor only he can grant. So, despite her better judgement, she asks for Bishop’s help securing a priceless dagger to complete an upcoming exhibit at the New Orleans Museum.
In return, Bishop demands a favor of his own and Riley reluctantly agrees. Neither can deny the spark of attraction that ignites between them and their barbed words turn into stolen kisses.
When the jeweled dagger is stolen from her, Bishop vows to help Riley recover it. In a race against time and a group of infamous thieves, they plunge into the decadent Big Easy nightlife, determined to find the stolen treasure before it’s sold to the highest underground bidder and disappears forever.
When Bishop decides to collect, there’s no telling what the scoundrel will demand and Riley fears she will lose her heart to the smooth-talking charmer.​​​​​​​

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