“Project Phoenix…Find Oz…”
Those were the last words her brother Jonah said when he died in her arms. Convinced that he was murdered, Navy Intel Officer Allegra Steele learns that “Oz” is her brother’s former Navy SEAL teammate, Jack “Oz” Cullen.
When Allegra asks for Jack’s help, she doesn’t expect the undeniable electricity that sparks between them. And, Jack, still trying to adjust to civilian life, knows he should stay away from the intelligent beauty.

Swept up in adventure and each other, they uncover a sinister evil called Project Phoenix, an experiment that gave each SEAL on Jack's team a super power. When Jack’s ability suddenly resurfaces, he can hear other people’s thoughts—and, Allegra’s steamy internal dialogue makes this super sexy soldier sweat.​​​​​​​
“Project Phoenix…Find Dom…”
When Dominic “Capo” Rossi tracks down a geneticist working on the resurrected Project Phoenix, the last thing he expects is the stunning Dr. Emilie Forrester. But, he must ignore the instant attraction because she works for the very enemy that he and his former Navy SEAL team have vowed to take down. 

After Dom gets captured, Emilie discovers she is on the wrong side. She decides to help Dom escape, but the big, scarred man locked up in the glass cage doesn’t trust her and refuses to cooperate. Especially after he is reactivated and his extraordinary healing powers begin to mend old wounds—physical and psychological. 

In order to bring down Project Phoenix, Dom and Emilie know they must work together. But, trusting each other is a huge risk. Especially when their hearts become involved.
**This is an interconnected series and each warrior finds his HEA in his story.​​​​​​​
**Each book in this steamy, action-packed, romantic adventure series can be read as a standalone.
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